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D R O O P Y  R O S E

Kurzfilm, 2019

Regie: Theresa Büchner

DOP: Marco Eisenbarth

Kameraassistenz: Jannic Sabo

Sound: Marcela Leon Espinoza

Soundassistenz: Bendrik Grossterlinden

Sounddesign: Lukas Brandes

Kostüm und Make-Up: Andy-Lin Mrozek

Es spielen: Jule Schülert und Renate Brünjes

A child is left alone at home. The rules and codes of the adults seem ubiquitous: “No TV before eleven in the morning” – but nobody is around to check on the child's behaviour. While watching TV the child starts to relate to scripted reality show actor Daniela. Her subversive actions enable the child to search for a way out.

12:30 Minuten

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